Stanley Avenue Baptist Church

115 Stanley Ave., Hamilton

Herkimer Baptist Mission was the name first used in 1889 with reference to the "new work” begun in the west end of Hamilton by members from James Street Baptist Church. On November 24, 1989, the decision was made by a small group of Baptist people to call for a Council of Churches to recognize their Mission as a Baptist Church. For several years prior to this, a Sunday School, sponsored by James Street Baptist Church, had been conducted in the "out in the country” west end of Hamilton (the total population of Hamilton was about 45, 000 at the time). Twenty-five members of James Street Baptist were dismissed to form the nucleus as Charter members of the new Herkimer Street Baptist Church. The name Herkimer Street Baptist Church was the name officially recognized by delegates from James Street and Victoria Avenue Baptist Churches together with representatives from Dundas, Binbrook and Beamsville on December 17, 1889.

Membership so increased that in 1894 the church moved into a larger building on the corner of Melbourne and Locke Streets. Finally, the name " Stanley Avenue Baptist Church” was adopted on December 17, 1909, at the laying of the corner stone of the building erected at the corner of Stanley and Locke. The total cost of the property and building was $12, 425. By 1915, membership stood at over 250. In 1929, the building was enlarged at a cost of $46, 000 and the Christian Education wing was added in 1962.

On November 19, 1989, Stanley Avenue celebrated its Centennial Service.

Today Stanley Avenue Baptist Church is a happy, growing and caring church family. Our desire is to enable our members to go out and serve in our community, as well as in places beyond our borders. We exist to serve God to the best of our abilities wherever He leads and to be obedient in doing what He wants us to do.